Dameon Taylor presents “Future 15”

Damion Taylor presents, “Future 15,” his debut album. The project has been two years in the works, and you can easily tell with how thorough and powerful it is. Work was done on this project, and it’s quality makes that apparent. The project is filled with instrumentals, but these must also be considered excellent songs in their own right, as they are each structured as if written by a strong song-writer. The instrumentation is absolutely excellent. It’s abundantly clear that Taylor knows what he is doing on production, and, not to mention, behind a keyboard.

The project’s overall feel is quite relaxed, highlighted by the track, “Picasso,” which features a lazy flow laid over the beat. The verse, in the way that it is mixed, sounds almost like another layer of instruments on the production. Taylor’s ear for this kind of thing is absolutely brilliant. I haven’t heard music quite so original in some time and it is amazingly refreshing. “Future 15,” is not a waste of your time. Trust me. Go listen.


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