Daily Doodle: Exequiel

NAME: Fernando Exequiel Roldan (I go by exequiel on social media its pronounced “ezekiel”)
AGE: 20

How long have you been creating/drawing?
– I’ve been painting and drawing since I can remember. As a kid, I would always draw superheroes and fighters.

When did you first realize your talent?
– I first realized my talent in 12th grade, 2014, when people would say I was really good and why would I never show my artwork or tell others about it.

How would you describe your style of art?
– I’m still developing my style of art but it consists of popular characters from tv shows or movies like Dragonball Z. I focus on lines and detail and contrast within my artwork. I believe in versatility so i paint other things as well, a lot of realistic things as well as my own original art, which consists of contrast between a white figure/color background and solid lines. It really stands out to me and others (so I’ve been told)


Can you imagine your life without art?
– I can’t imagine life without art because its something I love and go the extra mile for. I enjoy seeing other artists’ work and sharing things with one another.

​How important do you think art is to society?​
– Art is so important to society. It creates an individual and allows them to express themselves whether it’s from clothing to photography or visual art. It keeps the world going.

Where do you look for inspiration?
– A lot of My inspiration comes from anime or movies. But the majority of it comes from music. My biggest influences are Kid Cudi (got indicud tatted on my hand), the Underachievers, Isaiah Rashad, Kings of Leon, and Kendrick Lamar just to name a few.

image15Who are your favorite artists?
– My favorite artists of today are Rob Regis and ActionBeard hank as of now just because I love how their color schemes and contrast work together. Salvador Dali and Basquiat are some older artists that I love.

Do you prefer color or black & white?
– Don’t have a preference between black&white or color, just depends on my mood

​Are any messages meant to be shared through your work?
– I hope to show just excitement or love of the subject I paint when it comes to pop art. But my landscapes are meant to set a mood, and spread emotion through it. My original artwork that I call “LoS” series is meant to show the culture of today with a hidden message in it.

Do you have to have a concept before starting a piece or do you pick up a pen/brush and see where it takes you?
– Whatever catches my attention or i’m thinking of usually goes onto my canvas or paper.

What are your aspirations as an artist?
– As an artist, my biggest aspiration is just to be able to share my work along with a message, positivity, and to influence or spark an idea into the viewers mind. Thats how the world works. One idea can create something great or the next biggest thing.

Biggest accomplishment in life thus far?
– My biggest accomplishment in life so far is having a few people already look up to me.

Projects you’re currently working on:
– I’m currently working on Broly from DBZ, some jellyfish, and a clone trooper.

Instagram: illexequiel
Twitter: fernandoroldann


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