Chasing Trinity Photography + Interview with Blake Cortes

Chasing Trinity

At the launch of his camera career, Blake Cortes attended film school and was directing music videos and short films. Now, in addition to shooting videos, he pursues photography under his alter ego, “Chasing Trinity.”  When asked what interests him the most about photography, he answered,  “Being able to catch beauty no matter what it is. It’s like catching a firefly..”

How long have you been interested in photography?
About two to three years.

Do you have any formal education on photography, or does it all come natural?
I have NO type of photography training what so ever. I did do a few years in film school, so I guess it kinda transitions over.

How do you choose the models for your shoots?
When I look at the model, I try to see the realness in them. If they look too fabricated I tend to pass. I’d rather the brand new type.

Describe the perfect photoshoot.
I don’t believe in perfect but there are times when things just come together and happen. I can recall this recent shoot where I was just not feeling my light setup. I just felt like something was wrong. Then out of nowhere, one of my bulbs blew out in a light. As soon as I stepped back and took a second look without that particular light, I realized my lighting was perfect. Now when things like that happen, I would consider that the perfect photoshoot.

“My ideas come from life. I never know what will spark an idea. so when it comes, I’m always ready.”

What is “Chasing Trinity”?
Well my name is Blake Cortes and I really wasn’t digging it. So one day, I was at home and my daughter was complaining about her brother chasing her around the house. So I screamed out, “Chase! stop Chasing Trinity”. And that was it. I felt like using my kids’ name’s would be cool.

What other camera work do you do?
I actually direct and shoot music videos. That’s sort of my main deal. This photography just kinda popped out of nowhere. I’ve also made a few short films. I just like capturing cool shit, basically.

Geri X “You Can Have Me”
Jitt Red “Goin’ All In”



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