Chad Mize “Tokyo Seahorse” Exhibit

Tokyo Seahorse is the kind of art exhibit that lives up to its name. The pop-charged display features an underwater world of loud patterns said to be inspired by modern Japan, and worthy enough for a solo art exhibit premiere at The Bricks, Sept. 4.

Using multiple mediums fixed to wood, Tampa artist Chad Mize charmed his viewers with his own take on Aqua Man, a “beach bunny,” Bart Simpson patterns, and more. Although the subjects of his work varied, they all incorporated seahorses. (Who would’ve thought?)

Mize managed to make the kind of art that makes you smile and you’re not sure why. Some might argue it’s the quirk-factor. Others might say it’s the delightfully unexpected range of pop-culture color palette, from soft and sweet pink, to jarring red and orange. Or is it the way Bart Simpson was given a seahorse’s body?

Whatever “it” is, Tokyo Seahorse was a welcome curiosity at its premiere, and continues to be for the rest of September at The Bends in St. Petersburg.

-Paige M.

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