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Dameon Taylor presents “Future 15”


Damion Taylor presents, “Future 15,” his debut album. The project has been two years in the works, and you can easily tell with how thorough and powerful it is. Work was done on this project, and it’s quality makes that apparent. The project is filled with instrumentals, but these must also be considered excellent songs…

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Dead is The Cat “An Existential Eve With My Pet Hamster”

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I’ve honestly been waiting to review a great Grunge/Folk Rock band and Dead is The Cat is dead on what I’ve been looking for. The band throws a sweet description to this song on their soundcloud that reads “This goes out to anyone who’s been home alone on a Saturday night, so bored that your…

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Donnie “Condado de Duval”


Palm Coast rapper Donnie brings a trippy vibe to light with his newest video Condado de Duval, produced by HMYE. The first thing you will hear is a religious quote, which immediately sets the tone of the song as something that belies more than what appears. The lyricist’s flow is impeccable, and though the song…

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5 Tips for Creating a Better Album


2 time “Mixtape of the Year” award winner, Gatsby, breaks down the some of most important things to ensure a decent album. As an artist, it’s crucial that you follow these steps. Everyone wants a project where no tracks are skipped with a long replay value, here’s how! Place the focus on one theme, one…

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Fourth Monk “I Got You (Hues)”


“I Got You (Hues),” by Fourth Monk is an extremely interesting reanimation of the classic Weeknd sound. The original song can be found on The Weeknd’s, “Thursday.” “I Got You (Hues)” is like a remix, but, at the same time, Fourth Monk still manages to captivate his own sound for what it is worth, and…

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Dre “No Hook Part 1” Produced by Nazee2k

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Orlando’s own Dre is an interesting rapper with high energy that blesses this Nazee2k production with full charisma and lyrics. Usually dropping a short song, it can lock artists out of whatever creative zone they see themselves conquering. This wasn’t the case for Dre because when you listen, you can tell he constructed this in…

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