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Trap Circus Miami Event Recap

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One carnival. One festival. Over thirty artists. Adam22 and No Jumper kicked off Trap Circus, their first of many festivals, in Miami, Florida to start the Thanksgiving weekend. Hosted inside the RC Cola Factory in the heart of Wynwood, the festival held two stages for artists and DJs to perform, along with a handful of…

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Never Had Sh!t Tour – Miami Event Recap

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J.I.D and EarthGang shared the stage in a phenomenal performance this past Saturday in Miami. The Hangar and Swerve hosted The Never Had Sh!t Tour for their South Florida stop and were hit with an amazing turnout by fans. EarthGang, composed of Johnny Venus and Doctur Dot, brought the energy for the first half of…

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Halsi Solo Exhibit @ Loud Gallery Recap

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This past Friday, October 20th, Halsi presented his solo showcase at the Loud Gallery in Downtown Orlando. From the moment that you step into this Diego Inkusual curated solo exhibit, you are inundated with the incredible talent on display provided by Halsi, as well as good vibes from everyone in attendance. “There’s a lot more…

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Xplicit Agency presents “Florida’s Finest” Event Recap

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“Florida’s Finest, I am Florida’s Finest.”, one of the artists rapped to kick off Friday night’s event for Xplicit Agency. Florida’s Finest hosted talent coming from all over the state. Using just a living room as the stage for rappers to get their bars off, Xplicit kicked off the weekend defining who they are and…

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Thundercat @ The Beacham Event Recap

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Long lines outside The Beacham Orlando as fans awaited the mad bassist misterioso Stephen Bruner or best known by his fans as Thundercat. Thundercat has casually claimed his spot on our cerebellum since his first full-length studio album release on Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder label in 2011. Now Grammy-winning singer/bassist takes his fans on a live…

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SupaJefe Tour @ Backbooth Event Recap

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Bilingual rapper and 2017 XXL Freshman Kap-G and his SupaJefe tour stopped in Orlando this past Saturday in his second Florida show this week. Even before the doors opened up at 7 P.M. and eager fans got to enter Back Booth, the energy was high to see Kap-G perform tracks from his recently released mixtape…

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