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Emiliano Settecasi | See the Obscene

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Tampa based visual artist, Emiliano Settecassi, sounds like the name of an old famous artist whose paintings and sculptures rival that of Michaelangelo. Well, he’s not old, and his work is way bolder than the statue of David. Emiliano undoubtedly has a massive array of talent and skills in the world of visual arts. His…

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Interview: Multimedia artist Phive God talks music and glass art

  • Screen-Shot-2017-06-10-at-9.55.48-AM.png?fit=1200%2C700
  • Screen-Shot-2017-06-10-at-9.50.47-AM.png?fit=1200%2C700
  • Screen-Shot-2017-06-10-at-9.22.02-AM-1.png?fit=1196%2C700
  • Screen-Shot-2017-06-10-at-9.56.09-AM.png?fit=1200%2C700
  • CuCJSfXWIAACM9J-1.jpg?fit=1198%2C700
  • C3sigO8WEAA8Bvr.jpg?fit=1199%2C700

I got the honor to interview music engineer and glass art enthusiast Phive God. From the tool boards to the blow torch, we discuss who Phive God is, what his music and glass art contains and some other things you should know about the Orlando artist. Enjoy the interview below and show love to the…

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Diana Etienne | Photographer, Filmmaker, Graphic Designer

  • Screen-Shot-2017-07-06-at-8.36.20-PM.png?fit=1460%2C970
  • Screen-Shot-2017-07-06-at-8.35.47-PM.png?fit=1460%2C968
  • Screen-Shot-2017-07-06-at-8.35.14-PM.png?fit=1458%2C972
  • Screen-Shot-2017-07-06-at-8.34.55-PM.png?fit=1464%2C974

Diana Etienne, Orlando based artist has wowed everyone who has stumbled upon her work. Her simplistic style of photography is collaborated with a majestic aura that keeps the eye keen on what she is providing for viewers. Going through her website, “Carnival” has to be one of my favorites. Each shot illuminates color and detail…

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C0DINEA Cover Art Renditions

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  • C6Z86VJXEAIE9jW.jpg?fit=800%2C800
  • DBpu2DPV0AAjKtc.jpg?fit=800%2C800
  • C8gxjQ_XoAE56WP.jpg?fit=800%2C800
  • C8gxjQ_W0AEKI7C.jpg?fit=800%2C800
  • C6bqY7wXMAA52RA.jpg?fit=800%2C800
  • DCX8SzKWAAELMGn.jpg?fit=800%2C800

C0DINEA is a prolific graphic designer and photographer based out of Orlando, FL. His designs are a unique and fresh take on already popular album covers and artists. As you venture his portfolio, you will see re-interpreted images that represents C0DINEA’s eye for symbolism. The photography on his page holds its rights well on its…

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Wolfrich Visual Adventures

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The very, very, creative artist Wolfrich premiers a whole lot of art on his website and it’s so intriguing I can’t keep my eyes off the fascinating drawings. From a funny weed plant face to the signature style Wolf puts on his pieces. Adding all kinds of weird objects and distorting the faces to a…

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