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Avi Bhuyan: Interdimensional Portals

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17 year-old Avi Bhuyan from Saint Petersburg is no stranger to the artistic world. Utilizing 3d technology to make cover art combines both his love of music and his passion for visual art so profoundly, you can almost hear the beat as you take a look. Bhuyan’s signature use of neon takes us back to…

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Meyday Hanson: Brush Strokes and Music Notes

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Miami resident, Meyday Hanson’s work is as exciting as it is relevant. Drawing inspiration from music, many of Hanson’s pieces can give you the same feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio. One digital piece inspired by musician Danny Brown portrays the man through galactic colors and hues. Various purples make…

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Jnkyrd: One Man’s Treasure…

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If there’s anything Tampa-based artist, Fary D Charles, or “Jnkyrd” shares with his name, it’s the variety of his work. No two pieces are the same, nor are they created with the same tools or same motivation. Jnkyrd’s art, while far from junk, are certainly made up of a myriad of parts and pieces you…

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Interro Bang Bang Shop | Handmade Collars & Bows

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Interro Bang Bang is carving itself a place in the fashion world one bow & collar at a time. You have your traditional Navy Blue, Black, Brown collars and bows that are work appropriate but these aren’t like anything you’ve seen before. Some have pop culture references for instance, the Trolls, Chatter Teeth and Kewpie…

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Boy Kong: Culture, Color, and Creativity

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Boy Kong, an Orlando based artist who claims to be inspired by “a mixture of Ukiyo-e, Surrealism, Graffiti art, and animal folklore,” masterfully blends culture with artistic expression. Through a variety of mediums– some acrylic, some wood, some both– Kong tells stories through the stroke of a brush that will leave you wanting more.

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Spotlight: Artist/Producer Virgo presents “Water Planet” Virtual Reality Game

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Not often does an artist’s motivation inspire us just as much as their art, but every now and than, that enigmatic character comes into view. An artist who’s motivation and interests are as impressive as the art that is born from them. When putting the state of Florida under the proverbial microscope, a few figures sticks out as…

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