Behind the Album: Kaixen talks about his upcoming project, “Pecado”

The lyrics, “I know you didn’t seeee this one comin’!” from the song “What You Think” is pretty much how everyone will feel when it comes to Kaixen’s newest project “Pecado”. This electronic pop masterpiece will leave you in a trance. From “Just Like You” to “Constellation In The Sky”, I think we can pretty much agree that Kaizen has created a project that could explain what city streets and neon lights could sound like. If you have any taste, I know you’ll enjoy this as much as I did.

One of the songs that sticks out incredibly to me is “What You Think”, because it’s such a song of growth and power. Telling anyone that’s listening that you’re so over things in the past—that this is the now and you’re kind of over anything anyone has to say. I like that the most about the song, and even the project really. “Pecado” exudes a lot of confidence and sureness of one’s self. Originally, I was like “This is it for me, it’s already good I don’t need to finish” But obviously, I continued. When I heard track 10, “Wasting Time”, I literally fell in love. Probably one of my favorites in rival to “Just Like You”

Miami music scene, what is it like, and how do you make yourself stand out in it?
It’s growing bigger by the year, a lot of underground rap shows, dance parties, pop up shows and festivals. There’s always something to do and someone to see. I’ve honestly never cared to stand out, I’ve always just focused on my craft and my growth as a person. I do what I want at all times, I think people think that’s reputable, I really don’t know.

Before Kaixen, what were your previous aliases? Why did you stick with your current one?
I was in an Indie Rock band called We Are One, it was cool, just hard to get everyone on the same page so it just slowly crumbled, those are my homies for life though. I also had this solo project called “the burbs” it was really organic and impulsive, I honestly just stopped because I was releasing shitty demos and annoying my friends to listen to them haha. I decided to just stick to producing at changed my name to Kaixen. The name translates to “change for the better” in Japanese and that really spoke to me at that time in my life.

How do you describe your sound?
It’s always changing, “r&b, electronic, pop, experimental cool shit” if I had to describe it.

How do you feel about the growth in your music? from when you started to now?
It’s a bit surreal. I have such a long way to go but I feel good, I’m trying my best to learn and get better daily.

As an artist, is there something else you would like to extend your talents to?
I want to throw shows in the future and teach/help others express themselves/create. I want to give to others and have fun, that’s it.

“I’ve honestly never cared to stand out, I’ve always just focused on my craft and my growth as a person.”

Are there any samples on the project? 

How was it working with Twelve’Len? Something we’ll see again in the future?
Twelve and I have been friends for like 3-4 years now. We’ve thrown shows and have performed together before we even made music together. He has this energy that can make you feel like a kid creating and also like a businessman that needs to have a plan of action and 10 steps after that ready to go. He’s taught and challenged me a lot, his family. You can definitely expect to see a lot more from us in the near future.

Did any house/electronic artists influence this project?
Ta-Ku, Jamie XX, Bonobo, SBTRKT,

What is your favorite song on the project? What do you think will be a favorite of the public?
Wasting Time I honestly don’t know but if I had to guess, probably Wasting Time

What DAW was used in the process of the project?

Are there any pop artists you’d like to work within the future?
I feel like I’d really work well with Lorde & Kid Cudi

If you could place “Pecado” in a genre, what would it be?

Out of everyone featured on the project, who was the most fun to work with, and why?
I think Locking Eyes. Cristian and I wrote and recorded the demo that night and the chemistry was just there, it just felt dope.

Do you find it easy is it to work with other artists? Are you more of an introverted musician, or extroverted?
It’s super easy, I love working with artists. Definitely extroverted, you can count on me to give opinions and critique in the creative process, it’s really important to me to have great communication when creating so both parties can be happy.

My ears were super-duper blessed with this “Pecado” preview link. Kaixen did an incredible job on each and every song. Similar and yet they still have their own components that make them stand strong in their own right. “Pecado” drops this Friday!


01 Brand New ft. Twelve’Len
02 Constellation In The Sky
03 In private ft. MRKI
04 Just Like You ft. Austin Paul
05 Locking Eyes ft. Cristian Rivero
06 Run Away
07 Survive ft. The Loft
08 Through You
09 Unfamiliar Energy ft. Savannah Cristina
10 Wasting Time ft. Dvwez & Native Youth
11 What You Think ft. Silk Matthews

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